What's it Like to Work with James?

"James is one of the most talented product managers that I have ever worked with." - US based colleague and Business Development Director


"James is one of the best among all people I have ever worked with. His result-oriented-straight-to-problems way of thinking made him a valuable asset to our cross-border teams." - Global Programme Manager


"...creative and highly professional with deep technology understanding. He has a great passion for online products and burns for the company/brand he works for." -VP Product

"Having spent many years working with, and for, James I have been lucky to experience the direction, gravitas and class he brings to every element of his professional interactions. It is impossible to count the sheer number, and variety, of product deliveries that the team shipped under James' direction and it is a testament to his leadership just how seamlessly they shippedSenior Product Manager, London, UK


"James always demonstrated a willingness to collaborate and share ideas, and always brought out the best in the people he worked with - in short, he is a true asset to an organization." - Operations Director


"James is a star - he's one of those rare people who is able to communicate easily with both technical and non-technical people alike, at any level. Plus, he's great at motivating and inspiring both his team to keep delivering a world-class product, while keeping an eye on the larger state of the business. And heck, business stuff aside - he's simply a good guy to be around... funny, smart, and with a knowledge of rock music that I've rarely seen equalled."- Marketing Director